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City Workshop in Salzburg - The art of travel photography 10.09.2022

(1 ticket(s) = 185.00 €)

185.00 €

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Experience a one-day workshop on the topic of travel, landscape and city photography, led by the internationally known star photographer Manfred Baumann, whose photos are extremely popular worldwide. His most beautiful travel photos have recently appeared in an exclusive illustrated book by National Geographic, and personalities such as Tony Curtis, John Malkovich, William Shatner, jack Black, Franka Potente and many more have appeared in front of his camera.

Our program:

The photography course in Salzburg is the ideal basis for beginners as well as for photographers who want to expand their knowledge of photography. Travel photography inspires people because the most beautiful places in the world can be captured in one picture and invite the viewer to dream. But how do you create such a picture? Which neckline has to be chosen to create an unusual effect? How do I recognize the extraordinary?

Manfred Baumann develops these questions and much more together with the participants, both in a small theoretical part and in practice, where he strolls through Salzburg with the photo enthusiasts. Leave the familiar and learn to see the special to capture unique pictures! Manfred Baumann accompanies you with many photographic tips & tricks through one of the most beautiful cities in the world, which is full of surprises and where you have the unique opportunity to look over the shoulder of the star photographer.

Get to know Salzburg from a different side!

The one-day workshop costs:

€ 175.- (limited number of participants)

Food, photographic material and accommodation are not included in the price.

Workshop date and location:

10 September 2022, Vienna