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Fine Nude Art - Creativity meets aesthetics - Vienna 04.05.2024

(1 ticket(s) = 279.17 €)
279.17 €
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Take the chance and attend our day-long workshop "Fine Nude photography". Learn under the direction of star photographer Manfred Baumann. You will be taught how to present nude models in the right way to create an unforgettable picture.

Our program:

The nude photography is definitely one of the most interesting but also difficult themes in photography. With this workshop you can get first impressions of the topic or intensify your knowledge.

Themes are light-setting, usage of light on set, image detail, picture editing, models, technique, equipment and a lot more exciting topics. Besides the theoretical part, you will also get the chance to work and practice on set.

You will work with experienced top models and all the best equipment to make it as professional as possible for you.

The one-day workshop costs:

€ 335 .- (limited number of participants)

including: stylist, model, make-up, location and the rights to use the photos

Food, photographic material and accommodation are not included in the price.

Workshop date and location:

04.05.2024 Vienna