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Manfred Baumann Calendar 2024 N°17

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Star photographer Manfred Baumann's long-awaited calendar for the coming year once again promises to conquer the world of photography. This time too, Baumann brought twelve of the sought-after international top models in front of his lens and captured their beauty and elegance in an impressive way. The images in this calendar are not only breathtaking, but also a reflection of Baumann's unique talent for perfectly capturing the personality and charisma of his models.

The international top models in Baumann's 17 calendars are, Victoria Secret model Hana Mayeda from the States, Canadian Ford model Keltie Straith, as well as two models from Austria, young model and Styrian Julia Wess, Austria's top model Doris Kemptner, Polish top model Magdalena Szczepannska, Ukrainian Top model Fort Adela-Marinela, US artist Rachel Daily, US model Mighty Earthling, US model Enola House, model & creative artist Marie-Pier, like Baumann's muse and partner Nelly Baumann

Demand for this sought-after calendar is traditionally high, and it's no surprise that it often sells out quickly. Baumann's calendars are popular collector's items and delight a worldwide audience year after year. The photographs in this calendar promise not only a look at the world of fashion and glamor, but also at the artistic sophistication and craftsmanship of Manfred Baumann.

The Leica Gallery in Munich will have the honor of presenting this captivating calendar for the first time in October, and there will also be an impressive presentation in Vienna in November.

Manfred Baumann's calendars are more than just date displays - they are works of art that capture the beauty and elegance of the world in a fascinating way. If you are a fan of world-class photography, you should definitely prepare for the release of this outstanding calendar and take a look at the presentations in Munich and Vienna to experience the magic of Baumann's photography up close.

The 2024 calendar is available in a very limited edition of 1000 pieces.