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Known to many readers only through his erotic nudes, which have been published in many international magazines and books, Baumann shows many other pages of his photographic work in this high-quality illustrated book.

On 176 pages, Manfred Baumann presents his favorite works, full and double pages, from the areas of portrait, nude and landscape - the main focus of his photographic work. Hollywood stars such as Tony Curtis, Juliette Lewis, John Malkovich, Sofia Milos, Sir Roger Moore, Lionel Richie or Sylvester Stallone were in front of his camera - examples of a very long list. Baumann also became known for his nude photography, in which he masterfully knows not only to stage beautiful women, but also to tell exciting stories with his arrangements. Baumann's passion for photography began with landscapes, and he has remained true to this day.

His landscape portraits are among his best-selling paintings to galleries and collectors.

Original English / German edition Size and / or weight: 32.0 x 24.0 cm Published in 2012 Extent: 176 pages,

146 photos, bound with dust jacket

ISBN 978-3-943125-05-4