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Private Coach Manfred

3,360.00 €
incl. VAT



You have already gained a lot of experience in photography, be it professionally or privately, and are enthusiastic about the subject. Photography is one of your great passions and you want to refine your technique? Or are you just starting out and would like to expand your knowledge and ideally learn this art directly from a professional?

With Coach Manfred, you can interact with the star photographer directly during this individual coaching session and get valuable tips during a joint shoot that you can implement directly on site.

Ask Manfred all the questions that have always been on your photographer's tongue! Realize a first class photo shoot at a top location and create perfect photos and artistic subjects thanks to personal advice from star photographer Manfred Baumann!

Look over the photographer's shoulder - from pre- to post-production!

Option 1: half day for €1,500

Option 2: full day for €2,800

Number of people unlimited