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Private Coach Manfred

1,800.00 €
incl. VAT


Manfred, Your Personal Coach

Spend a day under the personal tutelage of Manfred Baumann.

Individual coaching – top equipment – top location – top model – top photo shoot

Have you spent some time behind the camera professionally or as a hobby, and do you want to delve deeper?

Are you passionate about photography, and do you want to hone your skills?

Or are you a beginner and want to expand your knowledge and learn this art from a renowned professional?

With Manfred as your coach, you can interact directly with the star photographer and will get valuable tips that you can apply immediately during a joint shoot. Ask Manfred anything you want to know about photography!

Hold a photo shoot with a professional international model at a top location, and create the perfect photos and compositions with the personal assistance of star photographer Manfred Baumann! Look over Manfred’s shoulder as he works, from pre-production to post-production!